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Safety Documents:  
Pupman safety sheet Thorough safety checklist with lots of useful tips. Check it out, you only live once !
Terry Fritz's Safety page Highlights many of the dangers of working with Tesla Coils.
Bert Hickman's safety page Serious safety tips, backed up with some funny pictures ;-)
Herb's Tesla safety page Short summary of the dangers associated with Tesla Coils.
UK Sources:  
RS Components Electronic equipment, components, materials, and tools.
Tunewell Transformers Manufacturer of high quality Neon Sign Transformers.
HV Capacitors:  
Norfolk Capacitors UK Manufacturer of HV pulse capacitors.
Hivolt Capacitors UK Manufacturer of various high voltage capacitors.
Cambridge Capacitors UK Manufacturer of Metalised Polypropylene PFC capacitors.
Arcotronics Manufacturer of various capacitors including Motor Run and PFC.
Aerovox High quality electrolytic and pulse capacitors.
Wima More capacitors, data sheets and applications notes.
Murata High power RF capacitors, HV capacitors and flyback transformers.
Solid State TC:  
Alan Sharp's home page Excellent solid state coiling pages. Includes many design and construction tips.
James Pawson's TC page Sound techincal information on a variety of SSTC designs and topics.
Gary Johnson's Tesla Coil page 8 Chapters documenting one of the largest SSTCs around. Essential reading.
Jan Wagner's Tesla Coil page Excellent Solid State coil section. Be sure to check out the "General design notes." Well documented SSTC experiments with PCBs artworks, schematics and videos!
Dan McCauley's SSTCs Pictures and schematics for several Solid State Tesla coil projects.
John Tomacic's Tesla Coil Pictures and some documentation of a fairly large base fed SSTC.
Don Klipstein's SSTC page More solid state stuff. Discusses many different ways of driving a TC resonator.
Marco Denicolai's page In-depth documentation for a high-power solid state Tesla Coil supply.
Chris Hill's SMPS page This particular page contains a good summary of switch mode inverter topologies.
Power Devices:  
International Rectifier High power MOSFET and IGBT devices, datasheets and application notes.
Intersil (formerly Harris) More power semiconductors. Good application notes for IGBTs.
ON Semiconductor (Motorola) More power semiconductors, data sheets and app notes.
Semikron High power MOSFET and IGBT packs. Also driver modules.
Westcode High current Thyristors and Diodes.
Tufnol Plastics Phenolic laminate range. Includes material properties and machining tips.
Tungsten Properties More than just a hard grey metal ?
Web Elements Click any element to see its properties. (Conductivity, weight, melting pt, etc.)
Engineering Info:  
Tesla Coil Design Equations A list of Tesla Coil related Formulae compiled by Matt Behrend.
Electronic Eng training series An excellent reference for basic Electrical Engineering information.
Twisted Pair Electronics abbreviations, terms and laws explained !
Pulse switching devices John Pasley's paper on Pulse Power Switching Devices.
Search Engines:  
Dogpile Sends your request to several search engines at once. Unleash the hound !
Applegate Engineering Directory Comprehensive directory of UK Engineering companies.


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